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  • Ladder of Spots

    Ladder of Spots

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    Although giraffe are usually physically and socially aloof it is nevertheless common for mothers with small calves to associate and a tendency for calves to cluster together in crèches in the care of a single adult female.

    I have drawn this Botswana scene of a female giraffe of the southern African race suckling her infant beside a camel-thorn tree.  The other similar aged calf is in the care of this adult while its mother is away feeding within sight.

    While the calf suckles, momentarily oblivious of her surrounds, the mother and companion calf focus their attention intently on something threatening or otherwise in the foreground.
    Original has been sold
    “Ladders of Spots” Limited Edition Giclee Print, 300 Signed & Numbered by Chris  Size 600 x 420 mm Price $350

  • A Masterful Approach

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    One of the most masterful displays of the animal kingdom is the hunting swoop of the African fish eagle. In this Faber Castell coloured pencil drawing I have endeavored to capture the swift gliding approach of a female African fish eagle, its eyes intently concentrating on its prey.  As the raptor closes in on a surfacing Tiger fish, the eagle’s legs come forward outstretched with feet and talons open.  The alula winglets are shown in a typical slightly forward and upward position to create a tiny vortex over the wing to prevent stalling as the bird brakes to accurately position itself for the strike.  Once the fish is securely grasped in its claws, the legs are forced down and back against the water’s surface to propel the bird forward with impetus as the wings begin powerfully flapping to give thrust and lift for the added weight of the prey.

    In this drawing, the African fish eagle when bringing its feet forward has clipped the water’s surface with its offside back talon, causing a fine spray curtain and adding more movement to the African river scene.

    Original has been sold
    “A Masterful Approach”  
    Limited Edition Giclee Prints 300, signed and numbered by Chris, Size: 730 x 435 mm  $350


  • “Confrontation” ©

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    A scene you might see anywhere in Africa’s game parks. Zebra stallions will sometimes actively defend their harem of mares and foals when a predator approaches. In ‘Confrontation’ the mares have taken flight upon seeing the lioness but the stallion has abruptly turned to defend its harem but at the same time crossing and hindering the path and escape of a fearful young foal, the focus of the lioness’s attention.

    Original Drawing Sold:   No Prints available

  • “River Horses” ©

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    AWARDS: Won the Wildlife Art Society of Australasia (WASA) Catani Drawing Award at the Annual exhibition held in Melbourne 1996. It was the first time he had entered a competition. Chris had to design the cover of the catalogue for 1997 exhibition

    Original Drawing has been sold

    Limited Edition of 250 only – 300 x 420 mm – $165 Graphite Pencils

  • “The Ambush” ©

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    My first ‘action’ drawing and inspired me to concentrate my newly found love of drawing African wildlife on depicting animals in active scenes rather than the more passive presentations usually seen in wildlife exhibitions.

    Original Drawing has been sold

    Limited Edition of 250 only – 300 x 420 mm – $450 Graphite Pencils

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