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Chris McClelland managed a large sheep station in the Riverina district near Hay, NSW, Australia. He had a very busy life but now he has retired from station life he has time to create, fine, unique pencil drawings for which he is famous for. His natural talent was recognized at school where he was awarded numerous Art prizes. His jackerooing days inspired a series of action drawings of buck-jumping horses. Later, as a Station Manager he occasionally drew horses for friends as well as Polocrosse ponies enjoying the game, which he enjoyed playing. One of these paintings was featured on the front cover of the N.S.W. Polocrosse magazine.

Chris grew up with a love of Africa inherited from his parents. David, his father, spent four years in Africa during World War 11 attached to the RAF. During the last two years he established and commanded the British Air Force staging post situated at Juba in the Sudan. He organised a local tribes man to carve some wonderful wooden animals especially for his young son. These, together with his mother’s fascination with Africa, were perhaps the catalyst for his love of wild life… read more

Chris has just released his new book  “The Art of A Master Craftsman”  It can be ordered direct from the Memento printers by clicking onto this link:-    https://www.momentoshop.com.au/sp/id/20123/auth/5ab0f4f7c26c99.87846266

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